We support our customers in their digital transformation

In your marketer and IT supervisor experience, you would certainly have faced one of these three challenges without managing to solve them effectively in a short time.

In the last 15 years, we have been helping our customers face these transformations. Today we gave birth to The Newco in order to support businesses and consulting companies in seizing business opportunities and to avoid getting stuck in the Ad-Tech and Mar-Tech technologies definition, implementation and management.

Software selection

Selecting a supplier in the digital marketing area (both advertising technology and marketing technology) and getting lost in the sea of operators with an offer that looks undifferentiated.

Data Strategy

Defining a data strategy, which means finding out all the data available in a company and on the market to be able to produce business value and making them actionable, observing the actual regulations (GDRP) and business policies.


Completing a technological stack installation (adserver, DMP, Programmatic, Advanced Analytics, CDP) and not being able to evaluate the effectiveness of the technology chosen or becoming aware that you did not do the right choice.

The Newco ID

Innovative technology

The Newco ID is the innovative technology that allows to track all the digital and offline touchpoints (i.e. CRM, IOT, Points of Sale, etc.) maintaining a persistent correspondence between all the devices which the user has interacted with.

Based entirely on the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, it provides almost unlimited scalability and latency times close to zero.

It is an accelerator in the onboarding process for off-line data and allows you to face in a structural manner the non persisting cookies challenge. The Newco ID guarantees security and compliance with privacy regulations: no PII is saved on our platform.

Our offering



Innovative by nature, "Client Centric" by culture. We help our clients starting from the maturity model to the coaching about the tools and technologies. If something is missing... we build it.

Big Data Analytics

We treat billions of data every day through technology. We help our customers design their data architecture, implement it, manage it and above all to draw useful and actionable insights.

Data monetization

Your data is your company's most precious asset. Data must be jelously guarded, but they have to be valued. We help our clients to do so with the upmost respect for privacy and current regulations.

Chi Siamo

The Newco Team

More than 30 years of experience in the ad-tech & mar-tech world working with clients and agencies of any size.

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