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from Targeted Advertisements and Tracking on Websites

You can opt-out from tracking and The Newco’s unique identifiers here. To do so, click the button at the bottom once and we will take all necessary means to ensure that no tracking is being applied. Please be aware that:

  1. The Newco needs to set an anonymous “opt-out” cookie to indicate your decision not to be tracked. Your opt-out will remain in effect only as long as this cookie is present in your browser and accessible to The Newco.
  2. Cookies are browser and device-specific – opting out of tracking on this browser and device does not affect your settings on a secondary device and/or browser.
  3. Some browsers (e.g. Safari) limit cookie functionalities by default – in consequence, your opt-out may not work as intended.
  4. When you opt-out, any data we hold will be disassociated from your browser and device and not used for ad targeting anymore. You will still continue to see advertising – it may just be less relevant and useful to you than before.

from Advertising and Tracking in Mobile Applications

For opt-out of ad tracking and targeting on many mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices, TV streaming devices, or other Smart TV devices, you should preferably consult your device settings and instructions provided by the device manufacturer. Below is exemplary information solely for informational purposes for which we disclaim any warranty or representation that the opt-out methods will work or that they are most current.

1. Apple iOS Example

On iOS version 14 and later only, you may withdraw your consent by disabling the “Allow Apps to Request to Track” setting in your iOS settings (precise directions may be different on different iOS versions).”
  On iOS version 13 and earlier only:
  - Opt-out of ads targeted based on location. Open “Settings”, tapping “Privacy,” tapping “Location Services”, tapping “System Services”, and sliding the Location-Based iAds switch to “off”.
  - Opt-out of targeted advertising. Open “Settings”, tap on “Privacy”, then “Advertising”, and set Limit Ad Tracking to “on”.
  - To reset your Advertising Identifier on iOS, open “Settings”, tap “Privacy”, tap “Advertising”, and tap “Reset Advertising Identifier”.

2. Android Example

Open the Google Settings app, select Ads then “Reset advertising ID” and choose “Opt-out of interest-based ads”.
  You may also choose to opt-out from interest-based advertising via the Network Advertising Initiative
  For detailed information on our unique identifiers usage purposes and for general commitment towards our platform and services privacy, see The Newco Product and Services Privacy Policy.

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